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Elevators & cargo lifts

Sway Africa provides a wide range of solutions for all kind of buildings such as residential, commercial or public featuring excellent quality, safety, comfort and style.

Your Heavyweight Choice!
OUR cargo lifts -hydraulic and traction- are forged in order to
withstand every hardship, satisfying even the
most demanding requirements of functionality.


Escalators / Travelletors

Transfer time……..Flows quickly, comfortably and with safety on escalators.
Every transfer is not just pleasant, but also enjoyable!
Be it indoor or outdoor ESCALATORS our cutting-edge technology, innovativeness, attractive designs and colors, reliable machine and almost silent operation, with safe demarcation line and a special mechanism for quick and easy resolution of any errors are all factors which make up a perfect result.

We minimise the distances and create “visual bridges”
between different areas, since they are perfectly in line with the environment in high rise shops, large shopping centers, airports and railway stations.


Car Parking systems

Since the construction of parking spaces is necessary when designing new buildings, our parking systems are the best option.
They are modern, flexible and reliable solution for shopping centers and public buildings but also for residences.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art mechanism, which fully optimize for both limited spaces and the available height of every building.


Panaromic cabins & Hydraulic lifts

We design panoramic cabins for those who want to enjoy the view from above in its entire splendor.

Square, Semi-circular or completely circular. Our panoramic cabins are perfectly covering the most demanding design requirements.
Due to the enormous flexibility in choosing forms and materials, each panoramic cabin is always designed and
constructed in absolute harmony with the architectural
style of each building.


CCTV & Other Security Systems

Most Popular Camera Types

  • Dome CCTV Camera
  • Bullet CCTV Camera
  • C-mount CCTV Camera
  • Ptz Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  • Day & Night CCTV Cameras
  • Infrared /night Vision CCTV Cameras
  • Wireless CCTV Cameras


Electrical & Solar Installation

Be It Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings,
Outdoor Wirings or Installations.

Solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert
it into electricity that can be used as power for homes
and businesses.


Boom Barriers

Our smart parking boom gate barriers are an automatic gate barrier controlled via a remote controller, RFID, smart phones, push buttons or timer. they are used for guarding car parks, entrances, restricted areas, check points, or any other kind of exit/entry point also controlling road traffic in both directions.
With the modern design, these robust and protective barrier gates are made of powder-coated steel and designed to be resistant to all weather conditions. Their smart rising arm gate offers long term reliability, efficient operation and durability.

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